A country's fundamental system of transportation, communications, and other aspects of its physical capabilities. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The underlying framework of an organization or system, including organizational structures, policies, standards, training, facilities, and tools, that supports its ongoing performance. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
The party that provides, through common membership, services to create a fair and open process for the execution of transactions between trading parties, and the creation of settlement obligations. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary

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infrastructure in‧fra‧struc‧ture [ˈɪnfrəˌstrʌktʆə ǁ -ər] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. ECONOMICS the basic systems and structures that a country needs to make economic activity possible, for example transport, communications, and power supplies:

• Work is urgently needed to repair our decaying infrastructure.

• The government invested $65 billion in infrastructure.

2. COMMERCE the basic systems and equipment needed for an industry or business to operate successfully:

• No retail infrastructure exists to channel these new products to the customers.

3. COMPUTING the computers, communications networks, and software needed for computer systems to operate or to communicate with other systems:

• On-line services are a major part of the Internet infrastructure.

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infrastructure UK US /ˈɪnfrəˌstrʌktʃər/ noun [C, usually singular, or U]
ECONOMICS the basic systems and services that are needed in order to support an economy, for example, transport and communication systems and electricity and water supplies: »

Infrastructure and economic projects will take time to complete and may not meet the population's high expectations.


the country's/nation's/city's infrastructure

WORKPLACE the basic systems and services that a company or industry needs in order to work effectively: build/create/develop an infrastructure »

Creating an infrastructure for managing post-customer discards is evolving in many industries.


a company's financial infrastructure

IT the equipment, software, etc. that a computer system needs in order to operate and communicate with other computers: »

broadband/information/IT infrastructure

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